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We do MeshArt™

As early as 1918, we began manufacturing mesh and grids for a wide variety of industries as DORSTENER DRAHTWERKE
We love what we do. That is why we have always further developed our technology, ideas and products. This is how our own product line for architecture and design came into being. MeshArt™ – these are impressive mesh products for decorative and functional applications. Architects and planners thus have interesting design options.

Design and protect – with wire mesh

Whether wire mesh made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metal, inside or outside: The possible applications of MeshArt™ are as flexible as the meshes themselves. In architecture and commercial construction, for example, they can be used as ceiling and wall cladding, room dividers and stair cladding, or as bolted railing infill. Outdoors, stainless steel meshes are used for facade design and cladding, provide valuable sun, wind and privacy protection, and perform well in landscaping in the form of enclosures and fences. Our products succeed in combining design and aesthetics with practical benefits.

dorstener drahtwerke

Production in our factory

Wire mesh as a design highlight…

The high-quality appearance of MeshArt™ attracts attention and sets special accents. Whether fine wire mesh, shapeable wire netting, or robust wire grid: MeshArt™ offers a decorative solution for almost every application. Especially in trade fair and interior design as well as in the construction of exclusive stores and boutiques, our mesh made of brass and bronze is a real design highlight.

Made of stainless steel, brass or bronze…

All metal mesh and wire grids für Architektur und Bau sind in farb- und korrosionsbeständigem Edelstahl erhältlich (Werkstoff 1.4301, 1.4310, 1.4404 etc.). Neben Architekturgewebe aus Edelstahl bietet MeshArt™ weitere Ausführungen in Messing, Bronze, Aluminium sowie mit spezieller Beschichtung. Der große Vorteil unserer Drahtgewebe: Nichtbrennbarkeit (Brandschutzklasse A1), Robustheit und Langlebigkeit gewährleisten dauerhaft niedrige Instandhaltungskosten.

Dorstener Drahtwerke – high-quality wire mesh – directly from the manufacturer.

Leuchtenbau, Shine Gold

Possible applications:

  • Ceiling and wall cladding
  • Room dividers and partitions
  • Railing infill – stair cladding
  • Facade design – facade cladding
  • Sun and wind protection – privacy screen
  • Shop fitting – luminaire design
  • Landscaping – enclosure