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MeshArt™ Applications

MeshArt™ wire mesh is used in different areas of architecture and design. Examples are luxury property construction, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls as well as trade fair or lighting construction. Further information and projects with MeshArt™ can also be found at our LinkedIn site.

Architectural mesh as railing infill

Geländerfüllung mit MeshArt Architekturgewebe

Architectural mesh as railing infill

Dorstener Drahtwerke supplied around 1,000 square meters of MeshArt™ type LongLine 3010 for the Ora Shopping Center in Istanbul. There, the architectural mesh serves as an extravagant railing infill on several building levels.

A perimeter frame of edging profiles was built around the decorative wire meshes. These elements were then mounted laterally to the railing posts using screw fasteners. The construction appears filigree and yet serves as a reliable guardrail. Constructed of stainless steel, the railing is extremely durable and represents a robust, long-lasting solution.

Facade cladding with architectural mesh

The office headquarters of the company Indra in Barcelona: The facade wrapped with a MeshArt™ architectural mesh made of stainless steel (custom made). The mesh serves the sunscreen and provides shading of the interior by about 50 percent.

The Facade cladding appears as a closed surface or transparent depending on the angle of view and incidence of light. Thanks to the material, the narrow office building appears light and harmonious. Individual metal elements of the facade construction can be easily dismantled for inspection. Important areas such as shafts etc. thus remain accessible.

At various points, the wire mesh is provided with a spherical indentation, which is turned inwards or outwards and goes hand in hand with Indra’s corporate identity.

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Fassadenverkleidung mit MeshArt Architekturgewebe

Indra facade with architectural mesh

Metal mesh sail in the atrium of “Mein Schiff “

Segel aus Reflect Silver

Mein Schiff 2 (© TUI Cruises)

The architectural wire mesh “Reflect Silver” decorates the interior of the new cruise giant “Mein Schiff 2” from TUI Cruises.

For this purpose, the mesh was cut to the shape of a sail and a PVC edge was sealed all around, which was provided with eyelets at regular intervals. With the help of wire ropes, the sails could be stretched over two levels of the atrium. The shimmering stainless steel mesh contributes to the extraordinary ambience of this location with its high-quality and extravagant appearance.

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Balustrade & railing // decorative wire mesh

The underground car park for the exclusively designed town square in Wolfsburg:
As an impressive and at the same time robust railing infill in the driveway area, the architect chose the MeshArt™ wire mesh “QuadFlat 100”.

The stainless steel mesh was screwed between stable frames and did not require additional welding. The construction is a reliable fall protection, which is made of stainless steel at the same time durable and low-maintenance.

Implementation: Glasbau Gipser GmbH, 06128 Halle (Saale)

Brüstung mit MeshArt Drahtgitter

Parapet with decorative wire mesh

Facade with MeshArt in glass // Reflect Silver

Reflect Silver in Glas

Metal mesh Reflect Silver in glass

Buckinghamshire New University in England: The insulating glass of the window facade has a wire mesh insert made of Reflect Silver. It gives the building envelope a special sheen and makes it shimmer metallically in the sunlight. In addition, the metal mesh softly diffuses daylight into the interior spaces and serves as sun and glare protection. Good visibility to the outside is nevertheless maintained.

Glass Processors: Okalux GmbH, Marktheidenfeld
Architect: RMJM, London

Fair construction // room devider

Because of its high-quality appearance, MeshArt™ metal mesh is a particularly popular material in trade fair construction, offering a wide range of design options. This was also the case at the furniture trade fair (imm) in Cologne.

The upholstered furniture manufacturer de Sede from Switzerland had a sliding partition wall made with Snake Bronze for its large trade fair stand. The wire mesh has a warm appearance and divides the space with its semi-transparency, but without appearing closed.

Implementation: de Sede AG, CH-5313 Klingnau

Möbelmesse - Raumteiler mit MeshArt

Room divider with Snake Bronze

Design-Elemente aus MeshArt Metallgewebe

Wire mesh design elements

At the trade fair stand of the furniture manufacturer Rolf Benz kamen Design-Elemente aus dem Drahtgewebe Typ Snake Gold zum Einsatz. Dieses wurde in einem umlaufenden Holzrahmen eingefasst.

Das hochwertige Metallgewebe schafft ein Ambiente, von dem sich die Messebesucher angezogen fühlten. Das Material spielt mit dem Licht und schimmert dabei im edlen Glanz.

You can find more impressions on the Projektseite von viva Messebau.

Wooden gate with stainless grid // Dorstener Drahtwerke

Holztor mit MeshArt Edelstahl-Drahtgitter

Wooden gate with stainless steel wire grid

The frame beams of the gate are made of solid softwood. The frame filling consists of a stainless steel pre crimp wire mesh type LongWave. This was inserted into the grooves previously made with a hand-held circular saw. The wire mesh emphasizes the special and equally stable design. The material remains rust-free for years to come.

In our product overview you will find many other wire meshes that can be used as gate or railing infill.

Shopfitting and store design with metal mesh

Project: Luminaire construction for the Nautic Club, Timmendorfer Strand.

For the entrance area and for the bar, lampshades were made from the metal mesh “Shine Gold”. The light makes the shades shine in an impressive, warm gold tone. A stylishly chosen eye-catcher.

You can get more impressions of this project on the website of Querkopf Architekten.

Lampenschirme mit MeshArt Metallgewebe

Lampshades made of golden wire mesh

Wand-Wasserfall mit Metallgewebe

Wall waterfall with silver wire mesh

The special attraction of architectural meshes lies in the wide range of design options. The filigree MeshArt™ stainless steel meshes impress with their high corrosion resistance. The aesthetic variants attract attention and radiate special value.

Projekt: Wand-Wasserfall als Design-Highlight in einem Café.
Metal mesh type: Lines Silver, stainless steel.

Cladding of a stair tower with metal mesh

The robust metal meshes of the MeshArt™ series are ideal for cladding exterior stair towers, as here at a vocational college in the Ruhr region.

In this case, individual panels were made of the stainless steel mesh “LongLine 3006” and screwed to the existing support structure by means of a flat tensioning edge. The result is a light, yet stable outer shell that appears more opaque or transparent from the outside, depending on the sun’s reflection and the viewing angle.

Various MeshArt™ stainless steel metal meshes are available to clad a stair tower . Made of high-strength wires, they are particularly resistant to weathering and mechanical impact.

Treppenturm mit Metallgewebe

Stair tower with metal mesh

Foyer with MeshArt™ in glass // Brass mesh Reflect Gold

Reflect Gold in Glas

Metal mesh Reflect Gold in glass

In the newly built Mermerler Plaza in the heart of the city of Istanbul, the extravagant foyer was designed with Reflect Gold in glass. The sight is unique: a symbiosis of charismatic metal mesh and light-flooded glass created a unit of striking transparency. Open and playful: The moving structure of Reflect Gold lets light reflections dance on the surface of the wire mesh.

MeshArt™ in glass enables both creative and pragmatic solutions – it sets optical accents and creates visual separation in discretion areas through different levels of transparency. The embedded wire mesh also provides additional breakage resistance.

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